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Are you a first-time author inspired to write a self-help book that addresses a specific issue you faced and triumphed over in life? Or maybe you’ve been a professional in this area for several years and are ready to put your expertise to work?

In the ebook, How To Write A MUST-READ Self-Help Book, I share a STRATEGY that simplifies the writing process and empowers you to write a book that helps the reader to change and improve their lives.

Download your copy NOW and discover how to write a transformative self-help book that walks the reader step-by-step through your strategies and action plan!

Get the answer to THE most asked questions

by first-time self-help writers!

Learn how to write and structure your first self-help book.

Here's What You'll Learn...

What a self-help book is and isn't.

What to consider before writing a self-help book.

How to structure your self-help book, maintain focus, and make time for writing!

What to consider when it comes to book titles, chapter titles, and more!

The best STRATEGY for first-time authors of self-help to attract their book's target audience.

The SECRETS that successful self-help authors use time and time again to write bestsellers!


Get 'How To Write A MUST-READ

Self-Help Book' for just $10!

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Self-Help Book Checklist

One Time Offer: SELF-HELP BOOK CHECKLIST - Use my checklist to walk through the steps and strategy for your book. Value - $17   - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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How To Find The Target Audience For Your Book (Sale)

One Time Offer: HOW TO FIND THE TARGET AUDIENCE FOR YOUR BOOK (eBook) - Learn how to find the target audience for your book! Value $15 - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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Manuscript Format/Outline Templates (Sale)

One Time Offer: MANUSCRIPT FORMAT/OUTLINE TEMPLATES  - Use my templates to format your manuscript and outline your book. Value - $27   - Get it today for ONLY $17!

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How To Start Your Non-Fiction Book

One Time Offer: HOW TO START YOUR NON-FICTION BOOK (eBook) - Learn what to include in the first paragraph, page, and chapter of your non-fiction book! Value $15 - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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