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Are you a first-time author inspired to share your life story but unsure how to start? Or perhaps you’ve started writing your memoir and you’re just not confident that you’ve written enough, structured it correctly, or that it will be engaging to the reader?

In the ebook, How To Write A Compelling Memoir, I share a FORMULA that simplifies the writing process and provides a strategy that engages the reader no matter what your life experiences are.

Download your copy NOW and discover how to write a compelling memoir that attracts your target audience and has them eager to read your book!

Get the answer to THE most asked questions

by first-time memoir writers!

Learn how to start writing a book about your life.

Here's What You'll Learn...

What a memoir is and isn't

The 'Formula' for writing a COMPELLING memoir

How to use fictional elements like dialogue, setting, and characterization to IMPROVE your writing

What to do if the writing makes you feel emotional

What you absolutely MUST know about writing a memoir

The DON'Ts when writing a memoir


Get How To Write A Compelling Memoir for just $10!

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How To Find The Target Audience For Your Book (Sale)

One Time Offer: HOW TO FIND THE TARGET AUDIENCE FOR YOUR BOOK (eBook) - Learn how to find the target audience for your book! Value $15 - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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How To Do Research (Sale)

One Time Offer: HOW TO DO RESEARCH (eBook) - Follow the blueprint that will help you to write faster and get clarity. In this workbook-style eBook, you'll learn how to do research for your book! Value $15 - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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Manuscript Format/Outline Templates (Sale)

One Time Offer: MANUSCRIPT FORMAT/OUTLINE TEMPLATES  - Use my templates to format your manuscript and outline your book. Value - $27   - Get it today for ONLY $17!

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