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After writing for over 15 years, I have learned all the do's and don'ts for using beta readers to help me to improve my manuscript prior to publishing and to write a book that my target audience will LOVE.

For first-time writers this is an essential step that will help you to boost your confidence and get feedback while writing.

Grab my eBook How To Find Beta Readers where I outline how to work with beta readers to become a better writer.

Learn my step-by-step strategy!

Discover how successful authors use beta readers to improve their manuscript, get additional ideas for their book, test the market, and receive constructive criticism.

Here's What You'll Learn...

What a beta reader is and how they can help you to improve your writing

How to find beta readers

How to submit your manuscript to a beta reader

Helpful tips on how to communicate with beta readers

What to expect once you find the PERFECT beta readers

How beta readers can provide valuable feedback about your manuscript no matter your genre


Get How To Find Beta Readers for just $7 today!

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How To Find The Target Audience For Your Book

One Time Offer: HOW TO FIND THE TARGET AUDIENCE FOR YOUR BOOK (eBook) - The ultimate resource on how to find the target audience for your book that will gain the most value and help you to sell LOADS of books. Value $15 - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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How To Do Research (Sale)

One Time Offer: HOW TO DO RESEARCH AND WRITE FASTER (eBook) - Follow the blueprint that will help you to write faster and get clarity. In this workbook style eBook, you'll learn how to do research for your book! Value $15 - Get it today for ONLY $7!

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